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Forests creation 

This is a far-reaching solution to tackle global issues and is adapted for businesses with ambitious, long-term climate strategies. It involves pre-funding the creation of new forests for capturing and sequestering carbon dioxide, which will generate carbon credits over an average of 20-50 years.


Unit: Carbon Credits generated periodically (on average every 5 years) / 1 carbon credit = 1 tonne CO2-eq
Projects expected to be certified to the VCS or Gold Standard + CCB (or equivalent)
ARR (Afforestation – Reforestation – Revegetation) projects

What is an ARR project?

Afforestation, Reforestation, Revegetation (ARR for short) refers to a category of projects that aim to restore plant cover to different ecosystems, while creating numerous socio-economic and environmental benefits.

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A symbolic gift
A symbol of love and life, the tree is the ideal gift for a wedding, a birth... or simply to tell your loved ones that you love them!

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An ecological gift 

Your tree will fight climate change by storing CO2, purify the air and protect the lives of millions of animal species. Here's a great gift!

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A lasting gift 

Your tree will continue to grow for many years to come, and will even benefit future generations. It is also a gift that you make to our Planet!

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In addition to the necessary reduction of deforestation, forest restoration is vital for the future. Many scientists, notably from the IPCC, affirm this: it is necessary to reforest 1 billion hectares by 2030 to act on a large scale in favor of the climate and biodiversity. It is in this context that the UN proclaims 2021-2030 as the Decade for Ecosystem Restoration.

Participate in a quality planting, regeneration or forest protection project, is to contribute to a concrete response to climate and biodiversity issues, by involving local socio-economic issues.


You are a small or medium-sized company and wish to act directly online to make a contribution for the climate by purchasing carbon offsets (less than 300 tons of CO2 equivalent) associated with a forest conservation project?

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Contribute to global carbon neutrality
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