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CO2 Control

Everyone has probably heard about the effects of CO2, also known as carbon dioxide. It is a gas that cars, boats, planes and buses produce which enhances global warming. However, humans and animals also produce this gas naturally. As we inhale oxygen, we exhale CO2. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with the gas CO2 itself. The problem is that we have produced such a big amount of CO2 due to human actions, that the amount of CO2 we find in the atmosphere is dangerous.

Over the years we have produced a lot of gas, oil and coal for the usage of our daily lives. With the production of those materials, CO2 emissions get into our clean air and cause an invisible layer around the earth. This layer keeps the heat inside the earth so to say, and that causes global warming. This process is also called the Greenhouse effect. The polar caps are melting and sea levels are rising, therefore it is time to make some changes in CO2 emissions.

Facts and figures

Most of us have probably heard about the ice age and how it has passed. If it wasn’t for our production of CO2, we still would have an ice age. The average temperature would be -18 degrees Celsius, therefore nearly impossible for humans to live.

Until the year 250, our planet was still green and out of danger for global warming. Shortly after that, the level of CO2 emission rose and started global warming.

In just 250 years we have produced 40% more CO2 than ever before. This is mostly caused by keeping more livestock, cutting down forests and consuming fossil fuels like oil and gas.

The highest level of CO2 emission found in the air is in 2018. The Global Carbon Project report that has been released, concludes that the Co2 emission has risen 2.7% more in comparing to the year before.

Environment activities 

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