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Martin ferrer project

Martín, 22, is a Soccer fan. When he was born, the lack of oxygen affected his nervous system.


He is an engineering student at UNC University in Argentine. In these times of uncertainty, nothing stops him and he fights every day to make his dreams come true. 
He chooses to overcome obstacles and help both others by making face masks.





Today we choose him as an example of sacrifice, overcoming and constant fighting. Undoubtedly, he’s an example we want to share with you. 

Martin's biggest dreams:
get an Eat Self Feeding Machine
get to buy his own special car
use this link only with international methods of payments, for argentina press here
Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 6.55.01 PM.png
honorable chamber of deputies

The Chamber of Deputies, at the initiative of José Orts (UCR), awarded diplomas of recognition to young residents of departments in the East of Mendoza who, through different actions, studies and work, stood out for their commitment to others and to society.


Martin ferrer inclusion program

Private support

OPC togehter with Wine Group Int developed an application that permit people with disabilities job placement. Allowing them to feel included and progress as part of work teams, promoting triple impact programs.

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